Monday, 20 September 2010

New Labour

Somewhere in the country five people are conniving to lead a political party. This party historically represents the working class and their funding is traditionally taken from the subscriptions of the members of the Trade Unions. These same Trade Unions, where their leaders reward themselves with huge salaries and then parade around the world living off the hog of the land.

We have seen the performances of their leading members like John Prescott who frankly has always reneged on his so called beliefs but at least he is patently working class. The rest of them are all public school educated. They are all toffs who are using the Labour party as their party of convenience. They know nothing of life at working class level but they continually pose as political leaders.

No wonder when push came to shove they all failed the country. Between them they wrecked the economy of a major western power. Between them they almost achieved the impossible...they almost (well they may have achieved it) broke their country financially. And yet they still soldier on in the quest for glory.

Before we even consider any of these awful candidates (the best that Labour can promote) then should we not examine their track records. None of them have ever apologised for ruining the economy. None of them have ever suggested an alternative solution to the ongoing problem. None of them have any ideas of how to curb their profligacy. They are totally devoid of ideas and should be dismissed out of hand.

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