Thursday, 16 September 2010

I just don't get it...

I see the fuss, the media scramble and I really try to understand the commitment of all the people who crowded into Bellahouston Park in Glasgow today. What is it about a religion which throughout history has taken advantage of the poorest, the most vulnerable people in any era of life?

Any religion which demands that their followers remain celebate and then abhors contraception must be lost in a modern society. I have spoken to Catholics, many of them close friends and some who have tried to leave their church only to be almost blackmailed to remain within the fold.

Sorry this is not a religion in my is a power trip but what I don't get is why they have such a hold on their followers? I can understand faith. I see what a comfort it has been to my daughter but the Catholic church appears to me to be quite out of touch with modern reality.

Their track record is also very bad and of course it will be if their followers are so sexually deprived. It is a recipe for abuse and apparently it has already caused controversy. Why has this visit taken place? Why has it caused so many problems? Why politically has this version of Christianity been given so much coverage? Why has it cost so much? Why have the beleaguered British public had to pay for it?

Sorry I just don't get it!

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