Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Heart Attack

I have decided to blog a little about the recovery (I hope) from a Heart Attack. I will attempt to be honest even though I am quite stupid about this because I almost refuse to believe that I am not the same person that I was before.

No doubt something has happened which makes me feel weaker than ever before...but a death threat? I know...I know it is a big is a big threat to my health. I can feel it so let me explain the male psyche... or shall I say my psyche! I know that I now have my limitations. My mate Trevor collapsed three times and had to be revived both in his house and in the ambulance. I sat calmly on the edge of a bowling green and recovered.

I have seen Trevor bowl brilllantly for two years so why not me? Yesterday I drove on the anniversary of my heart attack (one month) and celebrated by taking my wife to the coast at Bridlington. I tell you what guys even if you think you can do it that is a really stupid thing to do! I had a very dodgy moment.

Today I am better...I had a drink with my buddy... but I am a much wiser man. No more the hero, no more the man that I was a few week's ago.

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