Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The 'Blitz' Spirit

What a magnificent bunch of old people turned up today to celebrate the 'Blitz' spirit at St Pauls. Seeing their dignity, their fortitude and listening to their memories I must admit that I felt ashamed of my country today.

How can we have slipped so far from the people who march past the Cenotaph every year to the dregs of humanity who fill the tabloids with their lurid stories. How can our morality have collapsed to the point where a man (a Prime Minister) can lie to Parliament and then make a fortune on the back of that lie?

How do these people, with their rows of medals. square themselves with the influx of strangers who have been allowed to swallow huge sums of public money and then usurp their place in the queue for housing, health, welfare and benefits.

How can we breed a generation of people who can defile themselves and make more money than university graduates? How can footballers and Pop stars earn more respect than surgeons and nurses? How can heroes from the Battle of Britain, D-Day, the war in Burma be left in poverty whilst immigrants who owe this country nothing live in luxury. Most importantly who is responsible and why are they not in jail?

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