Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pakistan and Cricket

The Sundays have had a field day today as the story of Pakistani cricketing corruption rolls on. As I write the 20/20 test at Cardiff has been delayed by rain but I believe that it should have been cancelled. On the word of the 'match fixer' at least seven of the team were involved in the corruption and only three have been suspended.

He mentioned that two all rounders and the wickekeeper were also part of the plot and photographs identify two or three of the cricketers being shown the 'bribe' money hidden in a jacket when the fixer returned to their hotel. At the same time their opening batsman, Yasir Hameed, has been taped by another reporter complaining that he lost his place because he refused to take bribes. His confirmation that match fixing and spot betting was rife in the Pakistani team widens the circle even further.

Surely the manager must also have known that there was a dodgy element in his squad and if a batsman is being bounced in and out of the team because he cannot be corrupted then that involves the selection team as well.

The International Cricket Board cannot allow this affair to rumble along. They must act swiftly and ruthlessly. For too long there have been rumours about the honesty of Pakistani cricket. It is time that they were banned until they can prove that their cricket is clean and that may take some time.

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