Monday, 6 September 2010

New Labour Hypocrisy

At long last the NoLab leadership contest is tottering to an end. Soon (yawn yawn) we will probably have David Milliband leading this collection of no hopers. Occasionally I have half listened to their pathetic jibberings hoping to hear just one pearl of wisdom which would make me sit up.

I have heard nothing that makes me believe that any of them have the slightest clue how to run the country in an orderly and professional manner. Not one of them has ventured any rational explanation as to why they left the country in its current financial plight. No reason, no excuse, and no apology just the same old cliches and platitudes. In the Millibands I have never seen a pair of grown men who are so bland, so colourless and so devoid of stature. They appear to believe that because they went to the right school and the right university that they have a divine right to be born to the manor.

They are so far removed from socialism that it is a mind boggling joke of very poor taste to think of them as representing the working class. Mind you the same goes for Ed Balls and Diane Abbott because all of them seem to have a divine right to be part of the Political Class purely down to their privileged education and nothing to do with experience, leadership, ethics and common sense. I doubt if any of them has ever witnessed life outside of the political bubble.

Whatever happens to the working class politician? What happens to the elected representatives from the Northern and Scottish heartlands when they arrive at Westminster? Most of them appear to disappear up their own backsides never to be seen again (but they do know the way to the expenses desk). In the meantime who cares who wins?

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