Monday, 20 September 2010

The Attendance of our Elected Representatives...

Sorry I must apologise because just occasionally I visit the House of Commons 'live' channel and I am always amazed at how few MPs actually attend the routine debates. I suppose that makes me rather sad in modern parlance but then we have been conditioned to mock those that care and monitor the performances of our elected representatives.

Our House of Commons is frankly a disgrace. The recent publicity given to the attendance of Gordon Brown illuminates the hypocrisy of the problem. He is the show pony of the corrupt system but think about the Sinn Fein MPs who refuse to take the oath and therefore cannot attend. These charlatans still get paid!! Just how much are we the public expected to accept?

Our Political Class has been taking the P*** for so long that we now almost accept their conduct. The British unlike the French will never march on Parliament and throw these people into the Thames. In return we get the same old crap. Our political system is inherently corrupt. So once gain I will repeat...until we are granted a referendum on the EU then the politics of this country will always be corrupt.

Until we cleanse our House of Commons and root out all the posers and make them attend debates, until we expose the Gordon Browns and the Gerry Adams's then there is no honesty in our politics. Over to the Coalition but don't hold your breath!

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