Monday, 6 July 2009

Foreign Aid?

I see that the mainstream media are focusing their attention on quangos which tells me that they are trying to hide the the type of expenditure which they are committed to but which the public would not approve.

So let us begin with Foreign Aid which has never been aired in public. David Cameron is in fact on record as saying that he is prepared to 'ring fence' Foreign Aid. Here we are in the midst of an economical catastrophe and they want to give money (our money!) to countries like Pakistan, Zimbabwe, China and India. Please someone explain the economics of this.

I also read that we pay £38 million each day to Europe. Is it any wonder that we are skint? We actually receive nothing for this. This money goes to countries who are considered to be worthy of charity. They are collectively referred to as 'PIGS' which means Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

This government for political reasons is throwing a shed load of our money at people who frankly must hee haw with mirth at their profligacy. We could afford a great standard of living in the UK if our politicians would ceased squandering our taxes. They are robbing us blind! Our money is being exported abroad without our agreement. Nowhere on any political manifesto do they consult us about foreign aid to African despots, or to the Chinese, the Indians or to Pakistan.

What is that all about and perhaps we should have a public debate about the 'ringfencing' of Foreign Aid! We can no longer afford to 'bribe'people who either hate us or who are richer than us! I look forward to the debate on foreign aid and out contributions to Europe! Yeah right... we should start by cutting here and not with the forces or the police.

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