Monday, 20 July 2009

Swine Flu!

Can any other government in this world get so much wrong? There is no direct advice on swine flu and the reason is that frankly they have no idea what they are facing. We have newspapers like the Daily Express and the Daily Mail with huge predictions of doom and gloom and yet the government has no coordinated plan to deal with the problem.

Why is this no surprise? They have never had a coordinated plan to deal with anything. There are now reports that there are five major government departments which cannot pass an audit... including the Treasury! Do you know I so fear the real consequences of the NoLab regime will be that the we cannot afford the state pension!

Down here on planet Earth in rural Loughborough things actually do not seem too bad because the impact of mass immigration has not really bitten apart from the downtown district but we all know that it will. I know very few people who have contracted swine flu' ... nobody is dying of swine flu' here... yet.

In the meantime the MPs now break for what..a three month holiday despite the possibility of a swine flu' epidemic and the very fact that we have soldiers dying daily in a dreadfully debilatating war. Surely they can stagger their holidays like everyone else so that some MPs will always be available to deal with emergencies.

Is that too much to ask? It is under NoLab the party 'which looks after the people'! Ha!! I am just beginning to think that swine flu' is a government invention to distract us from the reality that they are useless. I just hope that I am right.

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