Monday, 13 July 2009

Gordon Brown v General Sir Richard Dannatt

It now appears that we have, at long last, a Chief of the General Staff who actually is concerned for his soldiers. As the body bag count mounts it is being reported that he is requesting 2000 more soldiers for Afghanistan along with many more helicopters.

Let's put it more simply it is ridiculous to expect our troops to fight the Taliban to a standstill and then withdraw from the territory that they have won at such huge cost only for the Taliban to walk back in when they withdraw. We must have sufficient men to hold what we have won! We are also losing men because instead of flying them into the forward line in helicopters they are being transported forward in inadequate vehicles. Most of our fatalities have been caused by the IED devices.

So where does our 'brave' PM figure in all of this. He has committed us to a war which frankly will be very difficult to win. The reason being that the so called Afghan government is not as 'clean' as we would hope. Politics in Afghanistan is not the 'democracy' that we have been conned to expect. This is an extremely complex country and they do not think like we do or as we would want them to think. I have continually emphasised that other countries do not understand our way of life.

So here we are then... Gordon Brown says he will not send more troops to Afghanistan and that we has not got the resources to send more helicopters to save the lives of our troops. General Sir Richard Dannatt disagrees.

Now the question is who do you believe? Who can you support? Remember we have a PM who is so ashamed of his actions that he has yet to face a single member of a family who has lost a soldier. He has also got a Cabinet who also ignores the families of the fallen. This is a Cabinet so ashamed of their actions that they dare not face the consequences of their actions.

The question is who do you believe? One is a serial fabricator, a professional politician, a guy who has brought this country to its knees and the other is a guy with an honour for bravery in Northern Ireland. Yeah I know the choice is so difficult and yet so many come polling day still vote for the bastard! Which bastard I will let you work out.

This PM has probably killed more troops than the Taliban but then he has never been a friend of the army. Even now he is plotting to reduce the forces. His instinct is to destroy the nation, he is one of the many professional politicians who have led this country to our present position.

He has all but destroyed our economy, we are involved in a war which has NOTHING to do with us, our social structure is dying, we are being flooded by immigrants and we are aligned to a European organisation which is illegal. An organisation which has never passed an audit! Sorry folks but I continue to harp back to our problems.

This PM is a bad 'un. He is so very bad that he starves the forces of funds to protect our lads on the front line. He is not to be trusted. He has another agenda. I do not know what his agenda is but it does not augur well for any of us.

I just wish that General Dannatt or any other General (other than Jock Stirrup) would continue to challenge this abject government. We are losing men needlessly and it must stop!

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