Saturday, 25 July 2009


Congratulations to the voters of Norwich who yesterday did their bit to get rid of Gordon Brown. Even the morons of the NoLab party are beginning to get the message that this man is a one man electoral disaster zone. I am however amazed that little more than 6000 people in Norwich still voted NoLab.

I just wonder what it would take for them to change their minds? How much lower do we have to get in this country before it will penetrate their brains that Gordon regards them with contempt. I realise that many of them may depend on NoLab for their jobs with over inflated salaries but 6000?

Further down the list I see that only a little under 1000 people voted for Craig Murray standing as 'An Honest Man'. Craig Murray has revealed much of the malpractices of the establishment in his books but clearly the voters in Norwich did not value 'honesty'. Keep voting for the main parties and you will get what you deserve...dishonesty! After all their track record in that field is second to none.

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