Wednesday, 22 July 2009

How much longer?

How much longer must we accept this disfunctional lying Prime Minister who is clearly trying to run this country into the ground. He has clearly accepted that he is not up to the job and he patently realises that he will be destroyed at any election that he dares to fight. This is the reason that he is waiting until the last possible moment to announce an election.

The problem is that every minute that this lunatic remains in office the country loses millions. Nothing works anymore because for twelve years he has been purely engaged in some kind of ridiculous social engineering policy which is bringing everybody down. Political correctness does not earn income. Social engineering does not earn income. The policies of NoLab have destroyed much of this country's industry.

They have never supported our major industries, because that means employment for the masses. This is the reason that their policies are reducing taxable income and yet they still rob us blind. Up and up go taxes because they have no policies to rejuvenate the economy. There is no good news because the plan is never to have any good news. We are being systematically destroyed by an incompetent inner circle of NoLab politicians who gorge themselves on our taxes but who never improve the lives of the common man.

There has not been one single NoLab intiative which has been to the advantage of married couples who are employed and have children. You know these people are still the vast majority of the British indigenous population. We are being milked to support the ridiculous policies of a ridiculous government who know that their time is up!

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