Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Parking Offences!

Today the gestapo turned up in my street and in a blink of an eyelid booked my daughter and my wife for parking on a strip of tarmac outside of my home. They have committed no offence because this strip has recently been tarmaced and does not obstruct anyone anywhere. The pavement is unobstructed and the only difference between us and householders fifty yards down the road is that we have double yellow lines painted outside our houses because we live close to a dangerous bend in the road.

It is a naked attempt by Charnwood Borough Council to generate revenue from honest tax paying householders. It is ridiculous and I can just imagine the glee of the two bitches (sorry but they deserve that misnomer) when they slapped the tickets on the windscreens. People have been parking like we have done for sixty years or more but suddenly we are felons because the council needs money.

They now have a problem! My son recently passed his law degree and we are challenging these tickets. I have just received his challenge! I nearly fell off my chair and although I realise that the council may decide to take up his challenge I suspect that they will realise that it is a fight worth conceding.

If we win then I will let you know how to contact him because he is well worth it and he is cheap...if you are quick!

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