Friday, 24 July 2009

The Royal Household Bowls Club

Today my bowls club hosted a prestigious fixture against the Royal Household Bowls Club from Windsor Great Park. We first applied for this fixture three years ago when we were celebrating our 60th anniversary. Since then we have been invited back twice more so today was our opportunity to reciprocate.

For my sins, I am this year, the President of my local club so it was very important to me personally that we had a really good day. The weather forecast was dire and we in the depths of Leicestershire have had some desperate weather in the past few weeks. Most of we bowlers have been drowned during the last few weeks and I must confess I expected the worst!

At precisely 2pm the rain arrived at and 2.15 it disappeared. From then on until 5pm we had a lovely afternoon and the atmosphere on the green was frankly second to none. These people who work for the royal family have a special presence. They know how to enjoy themselves!

Today was a lovely day! We all enjoyed ourselves and as such we have been promised a fixture next year. This is a real feather in our cap because many clubs request this fixture and cannot get near it. I joined my club probably ten years ago and I have seen the club through some difficult times. Recently we have had an influx of some new members who are already beginning to make their mark. The whole character of the club is changing.

It needs to change BUT there is potential in this club and I predict that we will shortly become a really successful club because there are people knocking at the door who can bowl my club into prominence. Today however, was my day as President and the whole club got behind me. I was really chuffed because we all support each other and today was our day. It was a real success.

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