Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Things can only get better...!

Can anyone remember the mantra of NoLab when Tony Blair first conned us into voting for him? He was right of course but we have learned from that. We now have amazingly a far worse situation than ever in our history. In the East Midlands alone we have 169000 people on the dole! Can you believe that?

There are reports that over one million people have been continually on the dole in the last 12 years. Good God what have they been living on? Does anyone believe that these people have been living solely on benefits for the past 12 years?

We now have almost half the population on the dole! This is the United Kingdom, the home of innovation and invention. We are the people who have led the world for centuries in new technology and now under Gordon Brown we have been brought to our knees.

We used to have a joke about good news and bad news but today there is never any good news. We have been destroyed and undone by a treacherous bunch of politicians, bankers and media barons. They appear daily on the television and in the controlled media proclaiming that normality remains in our society. They are all in the same club and that club is led by the European Union.

At this moment in time the blogosphere is the only freedom that we have but give it time. They will find a way to shut us down. I really do not know what it will take for people to realise that our three main parties are all in the same club. They pretend to be different but at the end of the day they are all preaching the same message. That message is that Europe is good and Europe will look after us but shit look what has happened to this country since we entered Europe. We have lost our independence, our agriculture, our fishing industry and our justice system.

We have in reality a useless parliament. They pose as our MPs but they must bow to Europe who are making the laws but who are they? We seem only to have one European commissioner and she is Catherine Ashton who as I have said ad nauseum has never had a vote cast for her anywhere! Google her! She is a joke and an insult to democracy!

The problem is that our people do not want to think about politics. In truth most of them are so uneducated and disinterested that they fail to realise what has happened.
They are cherry ripe for the political class to strip them of their identity, their heritage and their human rights!

It is ridiculous...we need a revolution which will shake us out of our lethargy. We need to rebel against the body bags passing through Wootton Bassett, the Muslim Council of Great Britain, the Black Police Officers Association and the financial practices of our banks. We should rebel against all our professional politicians who have let us down. It is time to go to war against our politicians!

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