Saturday, 4 July 2009


We are very swift in this country to condemn people throughout the world who do not follow the rules of democracy. Democracy is after all a western invention which we hoped to export to the world. The idea is that the people decide, by secret ballot, who should form a government to represent their views.

We therefore condemn countries like Iran who are currently involved in a controversy over vote rigging. We also condemn Zimbabwe for vote rigging (but we continue to support the Mugabe regime with foreign aid) and we condemn countries like Burma and North Korea.

We are often quoted as being the 'Home of Democracy' but in recent years we have seen examples of vote rigging in this country. We have politicians who are openly lying to their own Parliament. That includes our own Prime Minister and many, many of his ministers and their advisors. In the past 12 years and to be honest probably for much longer we have been misled, mistreated and misrepresented by our political representatives.

They are not even in charge. In charge are a group of European Commissioners most of whom have never been elected! Take our current European Commissioner, Catherine Ashton; she is our top person in Brussels and yet has never had a democratic vote cast for her. By definition she is probably the most democratic leader not to be elected. In comparison the non-election of 'Mugabe' Brown is small beer. The real power behind the throne is Catherine Ashton but then who gives a shit!

They got caught out about their expense claims! So when did we ever expect anything else? We are being fed red herrings because the big battle is about to be fought. The Germans are not happy with the EU. A grandson of the guy who tried to kill Adolf Hitler is now trying to kill the EU. He has been so successful that apparently he has postponed the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty until after our next General Election.

That means that David Cameron might just have to honour his pledge to give US a vote on the EU! Wow! Just hold on a minute however because in accordance with our normal democratic process we have never had a vote on the EU! We have never been given a vote even though NoLab promised us one.

The German people have also been denied a that not strange? They have now got a high profile champion which we English do not appear to find and so even David Cameron has been outflanked. One day we English will get a vote to save our country but will it be a fair one?

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