Saturday, 25 July 2009


Mrs Meldrew has packed. I am still packing. The garden has been watered. The eldest Meldrew child, the one with the law degree, is on his way down to revamp Mrs Meldrew's kitchen. The youngest Meldrew child, the veterinary nurse, is supervising her brother because she has got all the money! As the youngest I suspect that she has waited a long time for this kind of power over her brother.

The car is fully fuelled and raring to go. The 93 year old mother is now snugly farmed out to sister in law in Derby. Good luck Jane you are truly a heroine! We no longer have dogs so that is not a problem.

Tomorrow we will leisurely drive down to Southampton to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with a Mediterranean cruise. The Great Train robbers got less but there are many places I must visit before I get too old. This is the best way to visit Malaga, Barcelona, Cannes, Florence, Rome, Gibraltar, Lisbon and Vigo.

On the way we may eat, drink and gamble too much but hell after 40 years we deserve it. Time to relax. In two week's time I will be back to continue the attack on the injustices that our political classes heap on us. I know that I sometimes go over the top but this blog is my only outlet. I have no other influence on what is happening to my country.

Millions of ordinary people have no redress to what this government has done and what the previous government began. Ted Heath took us into Europe in the 1970's and ever since we have lost our independence. Our three main parties collude and pay homage to an illegal, unaudited organisatiion which somehow has usurped power in Europe.

For two weeks I refuse to worry about it anymore... but then I will be back! Thanks to anyone who reads my ramblings. Byeeeee!

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