Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Legacy of NoLab

It takes a particularly useless or determined bunch of politicians to take a major western democracy and all but destoy it, socially, culturally and financially. Not so long ago this country had a social structure which we all understood and recognised. Couples got married and then moved in together. They had children with one father and one mother. The parents could generally look for support to grandparents and therefore stable families were the order of the day.

In every area there was a local policeman who knew his 'patch' and who you could turn to in times of trouble. We all had a local hospital which would cater for all ailments. It was clean and tidy, well run by efficient nurses all under the eye of a matron. Rubbish was collected once a week regularly from one dustbin.

The children attended a local school and the vast majority learned to read and write long before they left. They also had a good grasp of local geography and a knowledge of our heritage and history. We all knew that if Britain was threatened we had a first class and well equipped army, navy and air force which could protect the nation.

We had laws which protected our citizens and youngsters were taught to respect the law, their parents and teachers. Not one youngster wanted or needed to carry a weapon. If a fight evolved it was man against man and involved fists. After it was over there were no grudges.

Buses and trains ran regularly and were cheap enough to cater for all members of the public. The transport system served the public and was run by the government.

That was how simple life was but for the past forty years our politicians have gradually unpicked every aspect of our national character and heritage. They have systematically turned this country on its head and every one of the aspects of our life which I mentioned earlier no longer exists.

Most of it has been destroyed since we unwittingly joined the so called Common Market. Ever since successive governments have tinkered away at everything and nothing has improved. There has been a concerted attempt to destroy the nation and although the worst elements have been led by NoLab they alone are not to blame.

We seem to be unable to find a patriot strong enough to withstand the concerted attempts by our 'professional' politicians to discredit him or her. We have had the Greens, UKIP, the BNP and a myriad of smaller fringe parties but nobody has been able to dent the very parties who have abolished everything that we held dear.

The only people who seem to maintain their spirit, their loyalty and their determination to act in a proper manner are the forces. So what happens to them? They are vanquished to an unwinnable war, stripped of cash and forced to use equipment which cannot possibly protect them against an opposition who hold life cheaply and seemingly have an inexhaustable supply of manpower.

The 'Old Holborn' blog which is very good seems to believe that the situation between the white lads and their muslim counterparts is so combustible that something will 'kick off' very soon probably in Luton. Is that what we need? Is this what the politicians want? The ultimate breakdown of our society. I would like to think that 'Mugabe' Brown would be attempting to head it off but I won't hold my breath.

The police will run and hide and the forces are too stretched to intervene so anarchy will be the order of the day. It is unfortunately a natural progression but it just could lead to the emergence of natural leaders. Once the cork is out of the bottle and the people have been forced onto the streets then next stop could be Downing Street! Think about it Gordon! Do something before it is too late!

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