Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Teacher cracks!

None of us know the details of this case but initial reports seem to suggest that this poor teacher should possibly not have been in situ or was left to face a hostile class when so many people knew that his health was at risk. This could be a landmark case because teachers are at the front line of the war against youth.

In line with the laws of Europe nobody is allowed to punish, chastise or challenge the kids of today. They have become immune to authority and they know it. They have immunity to any type of authority because we are not allowed to punish them. We cannot smack our kids, we cannot disturb them and of course we cannot challenge their train of thought.

As a consequence the poor little devils cannot play outside or develop normal friendships. They remain trapped inside their houses communicating purely through websites like Facebook. It is the most intense failure of our politicians that they fail to guarantee the safety of our kids when they play in the park.

I understand that messages of support for this teacher are flooding in. Let us hope that they swing the case. Taunting a vulnerable teacher is unacceptable but then his reaction was also unacceptable... but then just perhaps it is a lesson well learned.

Respect your teacher or he might just bash your head in!

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