Sunday, 5 July 2009

Where do we cut?

The political shows today were full of people acknowledging that the finances of the country have detereorated so badly under NoLab that huge cuts in public expenditure are inevitable. It is now crystal clear that Gordon Brown has financially almost driven the country into the ground by his rewarding of political allies with huge salaries.

He has apparently ring fenced expenditure on Education and Health but there could be speculation that this is where the major cuts should occur. The NHS is being horrendously over managed and this is where the cuts must begin. They must spend the money more wisely. The men in grey suits who interfere with the teaching profession should also be culled. Let the teachers get on with the job and stop the political interference.

Then we have the ego of Gordon! He will not admit the extent of the problem. He comes across as the macho PM in parliament but all the evidence suggests that he is a weak character serving only himself and his party. The country deserves so much more. But do we deserve so much more because we have allowed him and the political class to rob us blind. We see people who have been branded crooks by their own people to make comebacks into political life and yet we do nothing.

We are so complacent. We have forgotten how to fight for our rights. Our workers are being thrown out of work by the very government which is propped up by the Trade Unions! Our unions have absolutely no power because NoLab has been replace by the EU. That means that it is more important to allocate British jobs to foreign workers than it is to pander to the unions. One day the British public will wake up to discover that they lost their independence and never raised a glove to halt it. Happy days eh?

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