Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I just cannot get my head around the government's excuse for our presence in Afghanistan. Currently we have lost 176 soldiers in this excuse for a war and in comparison Germany, Spain, France and all our other European 'partners' have apparently lost less than 10! That is unbelievable!

The excuse for this war is that it threatens Britains's security! No it doesn't. If we had proper border controls, if we had sensible legal requirements for illegal immigrants, if we monitored the student visa problem we could draw up the drawbridge and live pleasantly.

We are an island. We have our own security. We just need a government which is not intent on destroying our society. Gordon Brown could clear this up with a stroke of his pen. The question we must ask is why does NoLab want to continue the war in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? We have so called European partners and yet they are not risking their soldiers. Why is it only British troops in Helmand Province?

If we are equal partners in Europe then we should withdraw our troops from the war zone and ask the EU to replace them with the Danes, Germans, French, Spanish etc etc.
We all know of course that would never happen. Our troops are sacrificial, our troops are the dogs of war for the European Union. We are expendable! That is our legacy to the EU which of course costs us £38 million pounds a day.

This NoLab government is so anti-British it is almost criminal. They are trying to destroy us all. Make no mistake about it we British (English) are under such a huge threat that we must organise ourselves against the NoLab threat. We cannot rely purely on the Political Class because they have already shown their colours.

Sorry folks but we need to get up of our arses and march for our future. Our soldiers are being killed for a political ideology. It is time we protected them.

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