Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Multinational Force in Afghanistan

I am continuing on this theme because it is very topical and such a threat to our forces. One of the many lies, half lies and downright porkies that Gordon Brown has perpetrated whilst trying to defend our presence in Afghanistan is the joke about the multinational force.

Apart from us the Americans and some Canadians the other European countries cower in the background. The blood of our soldiers is being used to excuse the other European countries from taking a full part in this war.

Helmand Province is the battlefield. It is Helmand which borders Pakistan and it is Helmand which poses the problem. Why is it then that our guys are kept permanently in Helmand while the others skulk elsewhere. If this was a proper multionational force then every country would take turns in Helmand. We would take six months and then be withdrawn. If all the others then did their bit it would be a few years before we had another go!

That is what a multinational force is all about. You know fairness. The financial costs would be shared, the military costs would be shared, the manpower costs...it would be so good that even Gordon Brown would have time to equip our boys properly before their next turn.

Even the Taliban might twig that they could have a quiet 6 months when the Brits were in and wait for the turn of say the Greeks and the Portuguese before turning up the wick! That way we would judge just how important this war is because when the body bags began to return to Athens, Rome, Lisbon and Madrid I reckon we would soon discover that well... er perhaps it isn't so important after all.

No Gordon this is not a multinational force at all and until you can persuade your European mates to take their share then only our girls and boys will die and that is why your lack of fairness exposes your your genuine contempt for our forces. If the Taliban really threatened Europe then the rest would want to get involved. They don't so I guess it just ain't that important. It is only your excuse to tie our ill-equipped army up for a few years whilst you get on with whatever you have planned for the rest of us.

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