Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Olympic Games

It is currently being reported on the ITV ten o'clock news that the taxpayer is now liable for the Olympic Games. Apparently the private investors who promised to support the Games (in return for what?) have decided that they can no longer afford it!

So here we go again, the only answer that this government appear to have to their self indulgence is to pour more of the taxpayer's money at the problem. They are borrowing more and more and the cost will go up and up. Gordon Brown is trying to bask in the glory as the saviour of the World's economy but it is us who will suffer.

I cannot trust NoLab! Everything that they stand for is unravelling by the second. The 42 day detention bill (complete madness!), SATs tests for 14 years olds and now the Olympic Games. Is there any good news from this abject bunch of chancers. I read today that Tony Blair told lies about the Formula One Racing car deal that he did with Bernie Eccleston! Are we surprised? This has been reported again and again but nobody has done anything about it.

I love the Olympics! I am a sports fanatic and throughout my life I can tell you exactly where I was at the time of the Olympic Games. I fear that this country will bring the Olympics to an end! I fear that we are unable to stage this huge world event. I do not trust this political class to complete this task. I REALLY hope that I am wrong!

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