Sunday, 5 October 2008

Peter Mandelsson

I suppose like most other honest taxpayers I was incredulous to read that Gordon the Moron had brought back his old enemy but new pal Peter Mandelsson into the Cabinet.

I could not conceive how any PM who ostensibly is trying to win an election should bring back a man who is almost universally despised by the public. This the same person who has had to resign twice before for breaking the rules. Frankly he cannot be trusted so why did daft Gordon do the deed? There are all kinds of rumour and innuendo but I don't buy most of it. The one I did buy was that the New Labour project (NLP) should not be allowed to die.

I read that the principal architects of the NLP were Blair, Brown, Mandelsson, Alistair Campbell and a fifth person who's names escapes me. Apparently they came up with the NLP round about the time that former Labour leader John Smith died. I don't know who is funding it but I sure would like to know.

Since Blair and his crowd came into power almost everything that I recognised as being part of the social structure of this country has been destroyed. As far as I am concerned the aim of the NLP was the destruction of England and they have all but achieved it in twelve years.

The only hope that we have is to kick them out at the next election and then work towards reversing every single decision that they have taken. It must be evident that Gordon Brown is useless. It has taken us a long time but we have at long last realised that the NLP is not for most of us. The NLP is dying and therefore they have thrown the dice for the last time. Gordon cannot be trusted to steer the ship through the troubled waters and so back comes Mandelsson to take control of that ship. Apparently Alistair Campbell is also back on board so here we go again; back to lies, spin and authoritarian regulation.

The problem is that Gordon is, in political terms, an amateur and these two are nasty professionals. Once they get their hands back on the tiller it will be a choppy voyage. Just remember General Elections in this country occur at the very least once every five years but anybody who could cook up a war against Iraq on the back of a dossier of drivel could also cook up a reason not to have a General Election! Mandelsson is not there for nothing! He is there to ensure the survival of the NLP.

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