Monday, 27 October 2008

Sex and the State

I have three young, beautiful, grandaughters who are currently in the British education system. One of them lives in Scotland and she would appear to be immune from the absolute nonsense which is about to be inflicted on her cousins in the south.

Some pervert somewhere has decided that our youngest children should be exposed to the knowledge of sexual behaviour at the ages of five and seven! Now anything can be justified on any kinds of social grounds but we must always remember that since this NoLab government has come to power the morality of the country has frankly descended into the gutter.

We have never seen so many children born to so many absent fathers in the history of our country. Family life is being destroyed quite deliberately. This is the legacy of NoLab. For God's sake get real you all know the truth!

Do not allow your children to be corrupted by this sleazy Europhile government. Take them out of the school! BE PARENTS! Protect your kids from this government. Take a stand, get together, they are still your kids!! For God's sake defend them!

They should not be exposed to this government madness. What will it take before you say 'Fuck Off' I have had enough!!! (I am sorry for my language but sometimes it works)!

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