Friday, 24 October 2008

NOTA (None of the above)

Some of the reporters on the Daily Mail played a blinder today when they picked over Lord Mandelson's part in the creation of a billionaire's playground in little Montenegro. It now transpires that Lord Mandelson has been a friend of the Russian billionaire Oleg Derapiska for some time now even though he was the European Trade Commissioner at the time.

He appears to be easing the way for Montenegro to join the European Union by 2012. Now considering that the aim of the EU is to redistribute wealth then it is odds on that Montenegro could qualify for a huge chunk of European money when it joins.

A report in the Daily Mail claims that a Balkan Business Advisor described Montenegro as a 'kleptocracy'. Now I didn't know what that meant but considering that kleptomania is a compulsion to steal I reckon he was hinting that Montenegro was populated by a den of thieves!

This all came about when the Shadow Chancellor let slip that he and LM had had a private chat on board Deripaska's yacht. His mate Nat Rothschild who apparently is a business partner of Mr Deripaska, took exception to this indiscretion and wrote to the Times claiming that George Osborne had been soliciting for party funds.

It all took place at the birthday party of Elizabeth Murdoch who is the daughter of press baron Ruper Murdoch! It now also transpires that David Cameron has been meeting Rupert Murdoch in private which really saddens me. During his infamous reign as PM Tony Blair often referred to meeting with Rupert Murdoch and I now wonder if LM was imposed on Gordon Brown because he was messing everything up.

It all sounds like a James Bond movie but it is becoming increasingly clear that our vote counts for nothing if we cast it for either NoLab or the Tories. Some time ago someone suggested that at the next election we should begin to destroy the integrity of the proceedings by writing on the ballot paper 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' (NOTA). I dismissed it at the time as a non starter but with the recent disclosures in the press I think that we should try to discredit these major parties and this is one way of doing it.

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