Saturday, 25 October 2008

David Cameron

I must admit I'm getting really caught up in the sleaze that seems to be dominating the press at the moment. Some of the reporters are excelling themselves by pieceing together all the missing links. When large sums of money is involved it does not surprise me that there is so much skullduggery. It does disappoint me though that so many of our elected representatives do not have the integrity to follow the rules of probity.

I realise that they have to rub shoulders with individuals who sometimes bend the rules but they can safeguard themselves by being sensible. Before our Civil Service was politicised the Civil Servants used to work alongside the politicians very often protecting their backs and ensuring that the rules were obeyed.

Since the Blair years when all thoughts of integrity and probity have been so trashed that The Home Office can go ten years publishing rubbish masquerading as crime statistics and nobody finds out. I mean how much worse can it get?

My one hope is that the Tories would learn from their past mistakes and ensure that they were transparent in their transactions. We know that they have the odd bad apple just look at who claims what in their expenses but by and large I had my hopes until this George Osborne episode came along. Now frankly I think that he has been stupid rather than criminal but now comes another episode which make me feel very uneasy.

The Daily Mail today published an entry made by David Cameron in the Register of Members' Interests which reads '16 Aug 2008 private plane from Farnborough to Istanbul for my wife and two children. Then from Istanbul to Santorini and return to Dalaman for myself my wife and two children; provided by Matthew Freud of London.'

On the surface there is nothing wrong with him jetting off to a family holiday but Matthew Freud is married to Elizabeth Murdoch the daughter of Rupert Murdoch. He is effectively the gateway to Rupert Murdoch. Now if David Cameron needs to meet Rupert Murdoch surely it would be better if he took a couple of Civil Servants to monitor and minute the meeting rather than his family. Why did he not say 'Heh guys I need to talk to Mr Murdoch'? What was the secrecy? What did they need to discuss and why so far away?

I'm sorry but the name of Rupert Murdoch worries me. He seems to be behind so much that threatens the social structure of this country. The power of 'The Sun' newspaper is well known so perhaps Mr Murdoch was just issuing his orders to the next PM. It is really sad that we the public have so little trust in the British Parliament but is it any wonder?

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