Saturday, 18 October 2008

Tony Bliar

During his inauspicious reign as PM Tony Blair was christened 'Bliar' throughout the Blogosphere. Time after time he made statements to Parliament which we all instinctively believed were misrepresentations of the truth. At the height of his infamy he took us into a questionable war in Iraq based on a dossier which most of us ex military people could hardly credit.

Nobody believed his protestations on the cash for peerages issue, the attack on the integrity of the BBC or his explanations of the naming of Professor David Kelly which ultimately led to his death. It is very difficult however, to make a case stick when he has every path to his door stuffed with cronies paid to deflect the bullets.

He has now gone and some of that protection is gradually evaporating. One by one his deceits are being unravelled and it is now looking very grim. He clearly did a deal on the cigarette advertising within Formula One which I find distasteful but not disgraceful but to cover up knowledge of the atrocities in the Al Gharaib prison is beyond comprehension. If you are prepared to tolerate behaviour on that level then frankly you have no moral scruples whatsover.

I think some of those government cronies should come out and confess their part in these scandals because frankly if they don't a lot of them might fall a very long way once things begin to fall apart. You see if you sell your soul to the devil then you must expect the consequences.

Perhaps justice will be done and one day we will see this man in a court of law.

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