Friday, 17 October 2008

Regulating the Blogosphere

Guido Fawkes warns us all on his famous BLOG that our great and glorious government is about to turn its attention to the Blogoshere. I have often wondered how long it would take before they decided that they didn't like what was being blogged across the land.

Let's face it under this Labour government our freedom has been eroded to such an extent that a BLOG is one of the few ways left for us to express an honestly held opinion. Those that are doing all they can to ruin a once decent, very responsible society should be exposed, ridiculed and challenged at every opportunity.

Our society is becoming more beleagured at every turn and in many ways Britain is being turned into another East Germany. Our leaders are kept out of harm's way from the public and only ever meet anyone from outside the political bubble if they have created a safe environment. Gordon Brown goes everywhere with a phalanx of 'minders' who clear the path in front of him.

The police no longer respond to 999 calls without a risk assessment and cannot be relied upon to protect the public. Every other body originally set up to serve the public is being mismanaged. It is difficult to trust the army of administrators recruited by NoLab at enormous expense to do anything competently. Despite the efforts of doctors, nurses, teachers, council workers, railwaymen and many others who try to serve the public they are continually thwarted, diverted and distracted by Brown's men and women in grey suits and skirts who must continually justify their existence.

It is these people who lose computer data, foul up hospital cleaning, destroy teaching patterns, fiddle with the bin rota and complicate rail prices and schedules. In every walk of our life today The Brown Army presides over incompetence in a massive scale.

Now they attack the blogosphere and good luck to them. I still don't think that there are sufficient of them to carry the next election and I look forward to them forming an orderly queue at JobCentre Plus shortly after the next election if we ever get one.

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