Monday, 13 October 2008

The Reinvention of Gordon Brown

I cannot believe that in these dreadful financial times that some sections of the media are trying to turn it into a triumph for Gordon Brown. His ratings have apparently increased because of his handling of the crisis. How can people be so utterly stupid?

This disaster happened on Gordon Brown's watch. He has been systematically crippling the country since he put his hands on the tiller by over borrowing. He has taxed us until the pips squeaked and encouraged the police to introduce a war on motorists.

He has created an empire of special advisors, trusts, committees and quangos all who earn high salaries to ensure their loyalty. This is a crippling and unsustainable drag on the country's economy and in order to support it his Chancellor is breaking the rules on borrowing. I read that even before the borrowing, which they have had to request in order to nationalize the banks, they had already exceeded the recommended 'red line' figure of 40% of the gross national product.

At the same time he must have known that the level of personal debt in this country was also unsustainable. Ever since NoLab came into power they have been encouraging the young to go into debt. I suspect that this current generation of teens and twenties are in for a very rude shock to their culture of drink today to forget tomorrow.

Gordon Brown must have seen warning signs that the banks were overstretching themselves in their search for massive bonuses and profits. He must have known that their culture was irresponsible and dangerous and yet they were allowed to destroy their banks every bit as much as Nick Leason destroyed Behrings. The difference is that Nick was sent to prison.

I seriously object that any of these incompetent mavericks should walk away with any money at all. That includes not only bonuses or lump sums but huge pensions as well. They have forfeited the right to any compensation because they have not only failed but their actions have endangered us all. They should be sacked summarily and then criminal investigations should take effect.

If Gordon Brown was warned then he chose to ignore the warnings. If he wasn't warned then he should have been. No way should he seek to make political capital out of his failures. He is still a poor PM and all this has done is to prove it.

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