Monday, 27 October 2008


Throughout my life one of the bedrocks of the society that I held inviolate was the BBC. We all knew that the BBC was totally honest, absolutely neutral and could be trusted throughout the world. That is why we pay a licence fee to allow our national media to spread an honest appraisal of world events. I remember the World Service where the BBC would tell everyone the honest truth. We would crowd round our radios to learn what was happening in the world and knew that what we heard was the honest truth.

Fast forward to the NoLab years where the BBC was constantly threatened that if they became 'off message' (that meant not reporting what Alistair Campbell wanted them to report)they would lose their entitlement to taxpayer's money. That also means the loss of thousands of well paid jobs so we have seen the enslavement of the BBC staff.

They now distort the news to such an extent that frankly I regard it as a joke and won't watch it.

However, nothing will ever compare to the disgraceful behaviour of the darlings of the BBC, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand! Their contracts, remember courtesy of you and me, ensure that these two pillocks walk away with millions of taxpayer's money. So they abuse their position believing that infantile and offensive behaviour would actually entertain the public in general.

What they did when they left messages on the phone of actor Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter was beyond belief! If we are to maintain any semblance of public decency in this country and in particular the BBC then these two clowns should be banned from broadcasting. They would not be missed! It will not happen!

We should cease paying for this disgraceful voice of the NoLab party. They no longer warrant our money. Another example of the loss of sovereignty that we face in this country. We are under attack like never before! Hitler has nothing on this bunch of Europhiles. Our children are facing the loss of their childhood!

What will it take before the British public will say..Fuck Off I have had enough!

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