Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Boris Johnson

Anyone who has actually stuck with this little hobby of mine will know that I have continually whinged on about the lack of a charismatic political leader. In my humble opinion the current crop of politicians are the least charismatic that we have ever had. Let's face it, name a NoLab MP who has any charisma. The Blears woman is quite entertaining but hell she is not a serious politician.

The LibDems have Vince Cable and people like Norman Baker who has done a fantastic job in exposing the doubts about the so called suicide of Dr David Kelly but what about the Tories?

Where are the characters in this once great party? Can we really unite behind David Cameron who encouraged his party to rise to their feet for the departing and in my mind disgraced PM Tony Blair? Who else is there?

Well when I went to Spain for just one week there was nothing on the horizon but suddenly everything exploded. The head of the Metropolitan Police was sacked! Shit!! This does not happen in the world of the New Labour Project (NLP). In 12 years have we ever seen a totally useless prat lose his/her job? Never, ever, because they have everything so tightly stitched up that nobody is ever responsible for their idiotic decisions. Look at Cressida Dick, look at the bankers, look at the local councils, nobody ever loses his/her highly paid sinecure because that is the mantra by which the NLP survives. Nobody is ever responsible for failure!

Suddenly Sir Ian Blair the head honcho of the failed Police experiment, the one person who has taken the police off the streets, he who has raised political correctness to an unbelievable level has been binned! When we heard that on the satellite link in Spain, I tell you what, four mild mannered, genuinely patriotic people who have served their country for over twenty five years stood up and cheered!

Who has done this major breakthrough? Boris Johnson? The Lord Mayor of London? He who has been described as a buffoon, a clown, a person not fit to grace our politicial spectrum!

The question that I pose is simple. Is Boris Johnson the leader that we have been seeking? He has tackled a huge problem in the City of London and triumphed. The Met is in a state of total disarray. The so called Black Police Officers Association is a disgrace to the society which exists today. The successor to that Blair person is a crucial appointment. He must be a proper copper and personally I don't care what colour of skin he has!

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