Saturday, 25 October 2008


You know as I have become older I have got more resilient and it isn't very often that I get totally floored but yesterday evening I really got caught out. It was the AGM of my local bowls club and to cut a long story short I walked out at the end of the evening as the new President of the club.

Now I won't flatter myself that I deserved the honour more than any other member but for a variety of reasons others didn't want the job this year. I must admit that over the years the odd individual has suggested that I could do the job and yes I think that I can, but to be voted in has really boosted me at a time when I have been at a low ebb.

The other good thing is that my Vice President is also new to the job and I really like him as a person so I look forward to working with him.

When I joined the club I never thought that I would one day be President. My name will now go on the board for Presidents and it is nice to know that when I am long gone it will show that in the year 2009 I did my bit for the club. I am well chuffed!

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