Friday, 10 October 2008

Loughborough Greenfields

I have just returned from a night at my local club. I returned clutching a leg of lamb courtesy of a weekly meat raffle that we contribute to each week. Greenfields at one time was the Fisons club until it all went wrong with Fisons and a group of individuals decided to save the facility.

Loughborough Greenfields is our little piece of England. It is a location where friends can meet and enjoy the company of people who they know and trust. We have a bowls section, a tennis section and a cricket section but the core support of the club stems from the bowls. Tonight I looked around and realised that just a few individuals keep this club alive during the winter months.

It is probably the same all over the country because we have become a very selfish society. The youngsters take what they want from their club and then ignore the basic essentials which provide them with a club. In the summer the bar is often packed with tennis players and cricketers but where do they go in the winter when the club needs them?

Still the point of this post is to mention people like Bert, John, Derek and Colin who are real mates and turn up every week to keep their club alive. It is our little piece of England and we enjoy out natter. Heh and the credit crunch can take a running jump because we are too old to bother about it!

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