Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Credit Crunch and Iceland!

You really couldn't believe that this financial crisis could get any worse but then Iceland declares itself bankrupt and we subsequently discover that dozens of our local authorities are on the brink of losing millions! Apparently top of the list is Kent County Council who stand to lose 50 million pounds but even my own authority, Charnwood Borough Council, deposited one million in Iceland. My one question is why?

What was wrong with English banks? Why take a chance with a foreign bank? Who advised it? The questions keep mounting because in every walk of our public life greed has overtaken common sense. I have advocated for some time that what we 'old' people called 'common sense', the instinct that our parents instilled in us, has been replaced by the power of the state.

No longer are people rewarded for honest endeavour or experience they are only rewarded for supporting the right people or adopting the socially correct mantra. In modern society we don't have matrons, old fashioned police desk sergeants, foremen of apprentices or experienced Civil Servants. They have all long gone and more is the pity. That is why all this money has disappeared out of the country. Common sense would tell them that it would be better to keep the Council Tax proceedings closer to home but what do we know?

So now our glorious PM has used anti terrorist laws to threaten little Iceland. Is there nothing he won't do to make the situation worse. He has borrowed so much to save his own hide after years of boasting about 'no boom and bust' on his watch that we may never recover. Our once great country is staggering from this period of incompetence but what concerns me even more is why David Cameron is not challenging the PM.

It is all very well to claim that we are all in this together which of course we are but this PM has already proven to be incompetent and so has his Chancellor so why are the Tories not demanding more information? Why doesn't David Cameron insist on clarification of the deals that Brown is doing with the banks? He cannot possibly trust NoLab because his job is not to trust NoLab. They are the opposition for heaven's sake and yet they support the borrowing that is beyond belief!

I have this uncomfortable feeling that the people who are backing Gordon Brown are the very same people who are backing David Cameron. So let's face it our vote counts for nothing. Can anybody persuade me otherwise?

In the meantime it is the pensioners, the thrifty, the so called little people who will suffer as they always do. The fat cats who have caused this debacle should be named and shamed! They won't be because they are in the same club, the same stratosphere that NoLab have actually created. This political class protects their own and always will. The country is close to bankruptcy but of course nobody is to blame.

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