Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Bilderberger Group

Following on from my last post I have long believed that our vote actually counts for nothing as both parties cooperate with each other albeit at a higher level than Parliament. I now believe that a handful of politicians in this country have the power and the rest actually count for nothing! They are a waste of space and are only good for the abuse of their privileges.

Today I googled 'Bilderberger' again and came up with a few interesting facts. This Bilderberger group first met in the Bilderberger Hotel in Holland in 1954. Apparently the meeting was set up by Prince Bernhardt of the Dutch Royal Family and brought together the most important people in the western world for an exchange of views. These people include, bankers, press barons, people with corporate interests and a few politicians.

There are really some huge hitters amongst the Bilderberger group and yet their meetings are never recorded and are apparently cloaked in obsessive secrecy. I tell you it's all on the Internet so it is no longer a secret. I stumbled across a web site which displays an attendance list for each year since 1991. I'm not really interested in the bankers and press barons because they will always do what they do. I was however interested in the Members of Parliament who have sneaked off to join this group.

You must also remember that this group is also credited with the formation of the European Union. It seems, according to reports, that the European Union is an extension of the Bilderberger people. Oh,judge for yourselves what this list brings up!

1991 GORDON BROWN and John Smith
1992 Nobody
1993 TONY BLAIR, Ken Clarke and David Owen(to talk about the events in the Balkans)
1994 Nobody
1995 Norman Lamont and Giles Radice
1996 Malcolm Rifkind
1997 Nobody
1998 Ken Clarke (again) and William Hague
1999 Ken Clarke (yet again) and PETER MANDELSON
2000 Ken Clarke (again!)
2003 ED BALLS and Ken Clarke
2004 Ken Clarke (annual holiday perhaps?)
2005 Nobody
2006 Ken Clarke, ED BALLS and GEORGE OSBORNE!
2007 Ken Clarke, ED BALLS and GEORGE OSBORNE!

The findings of these meetings are never reported and yet we have elected representatives taking time out to attend them. There is no doubt that at such a high level private meetings will obviously take place. It is inevitable but when publically elected Members of Parliament also attend then I for one smell a rat. Take a look at the names on that list. According to the web site that I visited Tony Blair and Ken Clarke did not even publically declare their interest claiming that they attended on behalf of the government.

Now you know why cuddly Ken is so pro European and why Ed Balls is such an arrogant prat. They are bomb proof and they know it!

What is your vote worth? I rest my case!

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