Tuesday, 21 October 2008

George Osborne and the Oligarchs!

Do you know the more that I read, hear and see of our politicians the more I despair. Anybody who regularly reads this Blog will know that I hold NoLab in compete contempt but I also have no faith in the Cameron crowd and the LibDems are just useless (Vince Cable and Norman Baker apart).

There is not the width of a cigarette paper between any of them where policies are concerned and it is us the general public who are suffering. Another innocent young lad is stabbed in Liverpool and nobody bats an eyelid. Everyone with half a brain realises that a section of the youth culture have responded by taking advantage of the soft option policies of all our parties and are out of control. We desperately need very tough sentencing to combat the terror on the streets, we need a high police presence and judges who will stand up to be counted but nobody says a word.

The reason that I highlight this is to demonstrate how they are all singing from the same hymn sheet which an anonymous author has penned regardless of who wins the election.

What has this got to do with George Osborne you might ask? Well we now discover that some of our 'honest' politicians have been aboard the luxury yacht of a Russian billionaire more than once during August. Now I can understand why Peter Mandelsson was there because it would not be the first time that he has been seen 'cultivating' the wealthy but George Osborne is the Shadow Chancellor. Surely he has to use some judgement and wonder what the voter would think of him sneaking to secret meetings with Russian billionaires.

I just feel that our politicians are all so cash strapped that they are selling their soul to the devil. There are web sites all over the Internet which specialise in exposing the secret meetings of the wealthy. Just google 'Bilderberger' or the 'Illuminati' and the conspiracy theories abound. Of course the politicians will smirk and they will dismiss any of this speculation as rubbish but then things keep happening which makes me for one start to wonder if they are all in the pay of foreign billionaires. If that is the case is British democracy dead?

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