Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Speaker and his Resignation

The Sunday newspapers have been full today of the demise of the Speaker of the House of Commons one Michael Martin a so called working class Scotsman. He is supposed to be the guardian of parliamentary scrutiny but it now transpires that he has been misusing his expense account. Apparently what he has done is not illegal it is just audacious!

What is it about NoLab politicians that given a whiff of power they seem to be unable to cope with it. I get the same impression of so many of them, John Prescott, Tony Blair, Peter Mandelsson and the Kinnocks all seem to have become incredibly rich through their time in parliament. It just doesn't ring true that everything has been done in the best interests of the country. Of course I don't know sufficient about their affairs to accurately comment but it is the impression that they have created which stinks.

I have observed this particular Speaker in action and I must admit that he seems incapable of neutral behaviour. I get the feeling that he is fighting a personal class war and that is sadly unbecoming of any person in his position.

They should make Norman Baker the Lib Dem MP the Speaker as he is one of the few I would trust to occupy the position with fairness and dignity. In the meantime I hope that there are a few people in the background who will whisper in Mr Martin's ear that it is time to go. Will he? That is entirely another matter of course.

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