Monday, 4 February 2008

Jack Straw

I have often thought that the Blair/Brown cartelle was probably the rottenest of all the political groups ever to grace our parliament. Everything about this crowd is absolutely foul and one by one they have been found out and dispensed with. Only two of the originals remain, the PM himself, who on a daily basis is being exposed as someone not up to the job and Jack Straw.

I well remember one occasion when NuLab was in opposition and Jack Straw was at the despatch box being slaughtered by the Tories when Tony Blair jumped up amd saved his arse. We all recognise that TB was a genius at parliamentary debating but Jack Straw was not.

He has been a disastrous Home Secretary, a disastrous Foreign Secretary and yet he survives year on year out probably because he knows where the bodies are buried. He is the last one left of the horrendous bunch who came to power when we were so fed up with the Tories.

Today we have a so called scandal that a Labour/Muslim MP has been bugged by the Security Services and nobody knows who gave the order to break the law. At the top of the tree is of course our glorious Justice Minister one Jack Straw. Now I just know a little bit more about bugging than the man in the street. I was after all a member of the Intelligence Corps in the dim and distant past. Heh, very dim and very distant!

I just have a very funny feeling that this bugging incident could lead directly to Jack Straw's front door... and about time too!!!

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