Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Richard Fitzmaurice - Non Payment of Council Tax

So 76 year old Richard Fitzmaurice is off to prison for non payment of council tax and he has made me feel slightly ashamed of myself. As a former career soldier this ex Warrant Officer Class One knew exactly what he was doing and I have nothing but admiration for him. He is making a one man stand against the disgraceful antics of his local council and the unprecedented rises in this horrendous tax which we all face.

As he is alone at the moment they will probably squeeze him into a prison place which they won't allocate to a young thug but it did make me wonder. What would happen if ten thousand pensioners refused to pay their council tax? Or even more? Let's face it part of this tax is used to fund the police and when did any of us last see a copper on the beat? Then what would the government do? If they created a concentration camp for pensioners after they have ignored the thugs it would reverberate around the world.

The reason that the Richard Fitzmaurices of this world are manacled before they are carted off is a warning to the rest of us not to try it. I just wonder how many more people are thinking along the same lines as I am when they read his story this morning.

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