Friday, 22 February 2008

The European Union

I can fully understand why Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have given our freedoms away to Europe. When this issue was first aired way back in the days of Ted Heath we really thought that it would be beneficial to the British because in Europe many goods were cheaper and we were generally taxed more heavily than th others. Little did we know that that part of the deal would not apply to us.

We have seen many things change in this country since then. I cannot think of one single thing that has been of benefit to the general public. The politicians on the other hand have another gravy train to join if they just happen to lose their seat or in the case of Peter Mandelsson if they have to resign because they have been caught out.

It was of no surprise therefore to learn that a LibDem EMP has uncovered an expenses fraud amongst his fellow Euro MPs running into £100 million. A secret internal audit has exposed alleged widespread irregularities. Apparently it is on such a scale that some of them should be candidates for jail sentences.

We have never had a referendum in this country on the European question because they know what the answer would be. Even we tolerant, apathetic British would vote against it because it does absolutely nothing for us and for that privilege we contribute billions every year. What we could do with that money.

The EU has not passed an audit for over a decade. It is horrendously biased against the British because we do not embrace the Euro. We should only be voting for parties who want to pull out and if we don't then we deserve everything that we get!

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