Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Government Targets

I have just seen the poor wife of Gary Newlove on ITV news and frankly my heart went out to her. How can our so called politicians watch that woman and not want to change our system of justice. She is right we MUST bring back the death penalty for brutal crime or treason. We MUST make the criminal fraternity frightened of their punishment. At present our criminal justice system is so flawed that the criminals are laughing all the way to the bank.

At the heart of the problem are government targets. This NoLab government are responsible for policies which are tearing the heart out of our country. Nobody can work in the Public Sector without Gordon Brown imposing targets on them. Police, Hospitals, Education, Welfare are all hamstrung by the targets required by Gordon Brown.

You notice that I continue to name our PM as the architect of the problem. I don't for one minute believe that this pathetic individual is responsible for the problem. He is actually only the front man who, for a short period in his life, will enjoy the trappings of his position. For that he will quite willingly sell his soul and ignore the pleas, views, feelings of Gary Newlove's wife and all those people who have lost their loved ones to teenage drunken violence in the last ten years.

Someone is destroying our country from within! I don't know who that person is or why they want to do it but I bet that Gordon Brown knows and so does Tony Blair. The trouble is that I'm not convinced that David Cameron is ignorant of this problem. He doesn't seem to want to change the system too much. The NoLab government is so despised (witness the booing of Gordon Brown at the Manchester football derby last Sunday) but the Tories have an open goal and seem really unwilling to take the penalty kick!

Do you know if I had the money to buy that kind of power and I really wanted to destroy a country from within then I would buy both political parties so that the electorate were irrelevant! Just a thought. Sleep well.

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