Thursday, 7 February 2008

'I Don't Believe It!'

Well here we go again in the make believe world of our beloved politicians. A UKIP member has taken Gordon Brown to court for failing to keep his manifesto commitment of giving us all a referendum on Europe. Brown's lawyer has said in an open court that a manifesto pledge is not the same as a promise. Can you believe that? Tell the electorate what you like until you get their votes and then say that you didn't mean a word of it! This lot are incorrigible but unfortunately I don't think that the Tories are that much better and NuLab (NoLab) will still poll millions of votes from people who can't be bothered to think about politics so what does it matter.

Wendy Alexander, the Gordon Brown of the Scottish NoLab party, was recently caught impersonating Peter Hain and not declaring all the money she received for her campaign fund. Today the Electoral Commission declared that it was 'not in the public interest' to pursue the matter even though she has routinely encouraged donators to donate just short of £1000 so that she doesn't have to declare the amounts (See Guido Fawkes' Blog for details). So next time that you fail to declare all your income on your tax form just quote the Electoral Commission. No wonder the Scottish National Party are blowing NoLab out of the water north of the border. The Scots have seen the light so perhaps we should be tuning into the BNP policies in England because frankly they cannot be worse than the current crowd.

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