Monday, 18 February 2008

An English Parliament

I hear today that the residents of Berwick upon Tweed voted in a referendum to align the town with Scotland. Are we really surprised? It is a well known statistic that the Scots these days have a better quality of life than the average Englishman. The problems north of the border seem to be minimal compared to those of the south.

My son lives in Edinburgh with his lovely wife and our granddaughter and life for them has nowhere near the problems that we seem to encounter in England. When I travel north through towns like Hawick and Galashiels it is almost like going back fifty years. They have not been touched by the Asian ghettos which so many towns south of the border now tolerate and now seem to reluctantly accept. I think that the presence of a parliament in Edinburgh (governed by an SNP leader) gives the Scots a security which the rest of us do not enjoy.

The Welsh and the Irish also have their own parliaments. These were set up by Tony Blair and in my opinion they were designed to destroy England. How can any person with integrity set up parliaments for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and then tell the English that Members of Parliament from all these other nations will vote on English affairs but conversely the English have no say on events in the other parts of the so called Great Britain. It is a sinister nonsense!

I find it worrying that the map designed by the EU recognises Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but reduces England to regions! Yes, that's right, in the eyes of Europe the English will disappear! You may think that I have gone barmy but please explain to me why the other three nations who make up Great Britain have their own parliaments and the English do not. We did not engineer a break up of the British Union, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown did. They were the people who broke up the Union. If Scotland has its own Parliament then that is where Gordon Brown should be sitting.

Something is really not right! We do not seem to have any English leaders. I don't believe that the English landowners, the real aristocracy are ignoring the destruction of their country. They must be aware! What is going on? Will the race horse owners, the landowners, the hunt supporters and yes royalty, really stand by and watch their country disappear?

Where is the leadership?


Alfie said...

There is no leadership.
For a start, English MPs won't say a word about having an English Parliament - Turkeys, voting, Christmas and all that.

Currently, over 70% of all debating time at Westminster is taken with English only matters - if we were allowed an English Parliament, we'd have 650 MPs doing a hell of a lot of thumb twiddling.....

None of them (apart from Frank Field) has one democratic bone in their bodies. Too busy sucking at the teat of excess to notice.

bryboy said...

Thank you Alfie and welcome to my blank wall. I have to agree with everything that you say! I began this BLOG out of a deep sense of frustration and I know there are millions more out there who feel the same. We just need a focal point!