Sunday, 3 February 2008

We Want a Referendum!

I was chatting to a friend of mine the other day and I mentioned how dischuffed I was about the current state of British politics. We have had sleaze after sleaze recently so I thought that he might be slightly interested. Now my friend is a really great guy. He would or could be patronizingly called the 'salt of the earth' because he is the epitome of that breed. He is a real man's man, now 70 years if age, and as honest as the day is born. His family means everything to him and yet he does not feel that politics is a subject which concerns him.

The average Englishman still abides by the principle that 'we don't talk about politics and religion'. The average man in the street feels uncomfortable if the issue of politics or religion is brought up in the general 'pub' conversation. Oh! Oh! The nutter is voicing his extreme views and so we have been conditioned that politics in the pub is a 'No-No'. In France and Germany politics is openly discussed and in the USA they are avid political fanatics as recently witnessed by the first 'Black Man' versus the first 'Lady' political confrontation for the Democratic nomination across the pond.

So why don't we care about our country? Why are we shy to express our political allegiances? Another friend of mine who I believe reads this blog every now and then told me that he was voting BNP. Now that took real courage in the company that we keep but because everyone respects and likes him nobody challenged his views. Why would a seventy year old wrap himself in a Union Jack and join the skinheads unless he actually was seriously concerned about the state of the country.

I have never ever marched anywhere for anyone. I am therefore part of the problem. I will not put myself out for the sake of my grandchildren. On 27 February people are marching for the sake of their families because they are going to London to lobby their MPs demanding 'We Want a Referendum' on this issue of Europe. This political union is purely a gravy train for failed politicians (Mandelsson, Kinnock etc etc.) It has done nothing for the British as a nation but it has given poorer nations like Eire, Portugal and Greece a much higher standard of living.

We are not here to prop up minority nations. We have always been able to stand alone on our talent and innovation. We do not need Europe; they need us and yet they do not like us. We are now the only country in the European Union who uses the Euro as currency. Why? They need our money that's why!

On 27 February I will be going to London to demand a referendum from my MP! They promised us a vote on this issue and Gordon Browns' lies about the latest treaty being different form the original one rejected by the French and the Dutch does not stand up to scrutiny.

Come on folks this could be your last chance to save the nation we all knew. Why don't you care? You have already seen the effect of this creeping towards a neutered England. All the other nations have a Parliament but the English have nothing to protect them. Our humour saw us through two World Wars but this is not a joke. For heaven's sake stand up for your country!!!

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