Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Our State Police

Two completely unrelated items in the Daily Mail today really made me think. A reader from Accrington infomed us that the 999 emergency number had been replaced by an 0145 number unless your call was deemed life or death. His son had been robbed and beaten up but according to the The Plod that was not life or death because he survived to get home. So two potentially dangerous violent criminals disappeared because the police could not be bothered to follow up the complaint.

The papers today were full of the despicable Levi Bellfield who was found guilty of two accounts of murder and one account of attempted murder. He is also strongly suspected of being responsible for the well publicised murder of Milly Dowler. I was quite happy to applaud the efforts of the police in bringing him to justice until I read the facts.

Levi Bellfield in the two years prior to Milly Dowler's murder had been reported 93 times for alleged indecent assault, obscene phone calls and physical assault. Apparently all of this was ignored by our wonderful police force so that he was free to murder and of course he did. Now isn't this exactly what we found out about Ian Huntley after he killed the two little girls in Soham. The clues were all there but they could not be bothered to follow them up.

Levi Bellfield is absolutely typical of the thugs who the police ignore time and time again. He is large, powerful, aggressive Romany! These are characteristics which make him totally immune to arrest. This type of swaggering bully never get challenged by the police and I will go further if a 'Levi Bellfield' comes down the street the beat police vanish (that is when we see any).

Why should this be I asked myself? Well a 'Levi Bellfield' is only a threat to the general public. He does not threaten the government and so he is ignored until he murders someone and cannot be ignored any longer. The young thugs who swagger unchallenged through our streets only threaten the public.

If you challenge the government however, then there is little doubt that you will be manacled before you know it. If you don't pay your poll tax, if you have a radical opinion, if you complain about lack of police, if you don't sort out your litter correctly you will be clobbered and that is before you get into your car.

This leads me to just one conclusion. The police see their role as protecting the state as opposed to protecting the public. The last state police that I remember were the STASI in East Germany and I never thought that I would see them here.

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