Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Important Exam Results

On 10 January I wrote about my son and his so important forthcoming examinations. I explained how important it was for him as a mature student to keep producing the results and the pressure which that generates.

Well today I got a short text which confirmed all our hopes. He has succeeded in all subjects and gained a merit in one. I am absolutely delighted for him because this remarkable adventure now continues. Three years ago he was a lorry driver living in a one room bed sit in the East End of London and now he has a choice of an Honours Degree in Law or a Masters Degree!

Well done son we are all proud of you.


Vetgirl said...

Here here! You asked me to send a little prayer and I sent many over the revising period.I am too very proud of my big brother, despite the torment he's caused me over the years as his 'little sister'!! We all knew he could do it - the hard work paid off. It's great news!

bryboy said...

Welcome to my world 'vetgirl'!