Monday, 11 February 2008

British Muslims

Barely a day has passed since I wrote my piece about British Muslims and now Iain Dale, one of the top bloggers, states that Intellligence sources monitoring 'Taliban communications' are reporting Bradford and Brummie accents involved in their intercept take. Are we surprised? Not a lot but what are our glorious leaders going to do about it? Bring back the death penalty for treason... I doubt it!

Why not? Why should we put up with so called British Muslims killing and maiming British soldiers without any ultimate punishment. And don't tell me that their families do not know where they are and what they are doing.

That excellent columnist 'Littlejohn' of the 'Daily Mail' has been warning of the appeasement of the Muslim religion for many months. This is a serious threat folks do not be distracted by the really nice Muslims that you meet on a daily basis. They disguise the fanatics (probably in total innocence) but Muslim terrorism is the next huge threat to our society and the military know it!

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