Monday, 11 February 2008

British Law!

I am refusing to discuss the thoughts of the Archbishop of Canterbury because frankly I believe that the Church of England long ago abdicated their right to discuss the social deprivations of our country never mind the law of the country!

These out of touch clerics have let down their own Christians over many decades by rejecting the principles of their Christian origins, ignoring the problems of our civilisation, ignoring the social deprivations of so many of the ethnic English and electing to be political animals instead.

The cry has gone out that British Law is paramount when faced with Sharia Law. Where were all these defenders of British Law when Tony Blair introduced European Law? Most of us now know that European Law supercedes British Law. Our judges have to adhere by the dodgy decisions of the Sentencing Guidelines Committee who have allowed criminals to prosper. In effect British Law does not actually exist but then what does that matter if you are trying to con the gullible British public?

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