Saturday, 9 February 2008

Kirsty Milczarek (Female Jockey)

I have been a keen racing enthusiast for over thirty years now. I enjoy studying the form book and trying to find the elusive long priced winner. I always bet what I can afford to bet and always back one horse to win (each way if it is a good price). In this way I do quite well mainly because I don't set my sights too high. My aim is a small profit which buys a few little luxuries from time to time and allows me to enjoy my sport most afternoons.

A friend of mine who dips into this blog now and then complained to me the other evening that I never give any racing tips! I might try one day if I see a good one just for an interest but I do have a tip. Watch the career of Kirsty Milczarek. At present she is a three pound claiming apprentice fighting desperately to get a toe hold on the lower echelons of the jockey ladder.

Since the winter all-weather season began she has booted home winner after winner and many of them at decent prices. She caught my eye because she almost always gets her horses into winning positions. She invariable gets a good position out of the gates and if she doesn't win it is because the horse is lacking not the jockey.

This girl rides with intelligence and she knows her horses. I will be watching very closely when the flat season comes around and the big boys ply their trade on the various grass courses. I just hope someone gives her a chance even when she loses her apprentice allowance because I really think she will be worth it.

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